War Robots Multiplayer Battles 6.3.2 Update Comes With Drones

There are many features that make modern smartphones great, and one of them is the ability to enjoy fun and exciting games with a few taps. While some players prefer a relaxed experience, others enjoy action-filled battles.

War Robots Multiplayer Battles offers, as the name may infer, the ability to take control of massive war robots and pilot them in fun and thrilling multiplayer battles. Engage in combat against rival pilots from all over the world and harness your skills to deliver critical damage without being hit.

Massive roster

The key trait of any good PvP game is the ability to pick between characters with different skills. War Robots comes with a massive roster of more than 50 war machines,  each of them featuring specific weapons and design elements that make them unique.

Besides the ability to choose your favorite robot, there is also the option to pick a personalized loadout. Want to be hard-hitting damage dealer? Deal damage and interrupt enemies from a distance? Or offer support for your team? Play your own way by choosing between massive weapons that feel different.

Exciting gameplay

Customize your robots with modules and weapons and be ready to face a challenge across a large selection of engaging multiplayer modes. Showcase your solo skills in Arena and Free-for-All and climb to the top of the leaderboards to claim fame and excellent rewards that will make your robots even better.

Join friends and from a powerful clan to rule the battlefield. Work together to take down enemy robots in style and ave the way towards victory. The game also comes with an interesting story and lore, and the community is always looking forward to new players, offering useful tips and tricks.

Drones have arrived along with the 6.3.2 update, which also includes the Icarus Cyber Show event and several optimizations.

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