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Warframe Gets The Old Blood Update for PC and More Features

Warframe gets updated, Digital Extremes introduced The Old Blood, and other significant features such as a brand-new Nemesis-like game, and the Kuva Lich, too. Grendel is also added as the 42nd Warframe. Players get to try now an upgraded Melee Combat, mid-air melee fights, many buffed/re-balanced weapons, improved combos, and more. Moreover, classics such as asVauban and Ember got upgraded, too.

Kuva Lich, on the other hand, introduces a Nemesis game-mode in which veteran players will be challenged. Developers added, “As players encounter and re-encounter their evolving nemesis, the Kuva Lich amasses resources, territory, and allies that will alter their next encounter, whether planetside or, when Empyrean launches, aboard a deep space warship. Use the new Parazon, the hidden blade of the Tenno, to confront and kill the Kuva Lich.”

Tenno also got significant features to the melee combat system, “Melee Changes: Phase 2.” The weapons got essential buffs and re-balanced stats to become more aggressive, destroying close quarter combat. A Combo System has been added, which develops launching courses, chaining, and finishing combos seamless and spontaneous. The Heavy Attacks upgrade ends the list, which allows players to juggle and hit enemies in the air.

Wargame So Far

The free-to-play collective action role-playing online game was first released for PC in 2013. Wargame is also a third-person shooter multiplayer online game developed by Digital Extremes. Later on, PS 4 and Xbox fans got their hands on the game, too, in 2013, respectively 2014.

Warframe displays a version of the far future, where players get to control the characters of Tenno, a race of ancient brave warriors. The character must fight Grineer, Corpus, Infested, and the Sentients, other races which represent danger. The Tenno must use their strength, skills, and their powered Warframes to complete all missions.

Wargame succeeded to gather among time almost 50 million of players, becoming an acclaimed game.



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