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Warframe Update Patch Notes: You Will Have to Heal Yourself From Now On, Instead of Giving Up

Warframe has received a fantastic patch just before the Operation Scarlet Spider event. It is called Warframe Revised, and it wants to make the robot-sliding simulator a bit better and, of course, up to date. The patch is available for PC players, and it should be available for console soon.

The patch notes

Warframe changes

Every suit from the game now has its own armor, shields, and health change. The shields reduce 25% of the incoming damage, and the armor has been increased for every suit, as well. The splash damage deals DoT and Toxin don’t get the extra 25% damage to armor anymore.

Arcane changes

These items can be put as buffs, and they are also getting their own changes. They have increased ranks to five, and you cannot equip two of the same Arcanes anymore. They will also come as rewards in the upcoming Operation.


Tenno is no longer categorizes as self-damage. They are now “stagger, “and they will not let you kill yourself anymore. You will need to recover instead of killing yourself.

 The mods

You are now able to equip the same weapon mod to your primary weapon and to your Sentinel.

The UI and graphics

Those of you who play on PC will now be able to use the High Dynamic Range if your PC is good enough. The item labels are now automatically on by default. You should also be able to use the scrollbar easier now.

The update also comes with changes to the Kuva Lich to Titania and Vauban and Exvac machines – they now scale with the level of the mission that you do.

There are two more updates soon to hit Warframe, which are called Operation Scarlet Spear and the Deadlock Protocol.



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