Wasteland 3 – Guide To Improve Your Builds!

Creating a character in Wasteland 3 is now incredibly enjoyable thanks to a wide variety of skills, quirks, and advantages.

The best thing about it is the attribute distribution, which allows players to precisely adjust their characters’ behavior.

We are here to show you our tips to create some of the most decent builds for Wasteland 3 that fit most playstyles from berserk explosive destruction to tactical sniping and even brawling.

Assault Rifle

The assault rifle build is useful for those who want to deal high amounts of damage while staying relatively protected.

First of all, pick the Stoner background for the build to boost all status effect resistances by 10%.

We suggest the following attributes:

  • Coordination 6
  • Luck 3
  • Awareness 3
  • Strength 3
  • Speed 2
  • Intelligence 2
  • Charisma 2

Use them in combination with the skills Automatic Weapons And First Aid, the perks Double Tap and Trigger Happy, and you’ll become unstoppable!


Give a good set of attributes and skills to a Brawler, and it rapidly becomes a killing machine!

The Brawler build is based on attack speeds. We recommend getting the Sex Machine background, as it boosts combat speed by 0.2 points.

We suggest the following attributes:

  • Coordination 8
  • Luck 1
  • Awareness 1
  • Strength 2
  • Speed 2
  • Intelligence 4
  • Charisma 3

The skills you want to use are Brawling and Leadership. The Circus Freak Quirk improves combat speed and resistance by a quarter.

The Perks Deadly Combo and Flurry of Blows are crucial for the build.

Heavy Weapons Class

This build is meant to feature a heavy machine gun comb and various explosives for intense scorching action.

The Explodomaniac background is required, as it boosts your damage output by 15%.

We recommend running these attributes:

  • Coordination 4
  • Luck 1
  • Awareness 6
  • Strength 6
  • Speed 2
  • Intelligence 1
  • Charisma 1

The best skills for this build are Big Guns and Explosives, and we suggest using the Pyromaniac Quirk.

Also, the optimal perks for the build are Wide Spread and Blast Radius.

Sniper Build

Snipers require extreme precision and can deal with immense critical damage, and everybody who’s ever used this class can confirm what a thrill it is.

The background to use is Goat Killer, as it improves the critical hit chance by 5%.

We suggest using these attributes:

  • Coordination 2
  • Luck 1
  • Awareness 10
  • Strength 1
  • Speed 1
  • Intelligence 5
  • Charisma 1

The best skills to use are Sniper Rifles and Sneaky Shit, as they boost sniper rifle hit chance by up to a third and increase Reception up to 10% plus initiative up to 40%.

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