Watchmen Episode 3 theories – solving the Episode Mysteries of Will and Angela

The second episode of Watchmen “Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship” was just released and it raised more questions than it answered. It felt completely different from a regular show and it ended with a flying vessel which took Will Reeves on a journey to his freedom.

So many questions…

The vigilante superhero / supervillain  (whatever you choose to percept drama from Damon Lindelof as) made fans confused regarding how did Angela survive the White Night and how did Will Reeves get to kill Judd Crowford. 

Many people are wondering what is the purpose of Ozymandids in the woods. Here are some hypotheses on the 3rd episode of Watchmen, titled “She was killed by Space Junk”.

Dr. Manhattan

One bold theory states that Will Reeves might be Dr. Manhattan or a friend of his, because when he says that he has friends in high places, a giant magnet falls from the sky and saves him from incarceration.

One of the main mysteries originating from the second episode of Watchmen is how could an old man (Will Reeves), who happens to be more than 100 years old, kill Judd Crowford. 

There’s also a rumour that Will is Angela’s grandfather, so that is the reason why he saved her and telling her everything in pieces.

How is Angela alive?

The second big question from the second episode is how did Angela manage to survive the White Night killings, as she was obviously able to knife the first Rorschach gunman but the second guy wearing a mask was overpowering her and then the scene faded to black, only to show Angela in the hospital and Judd by her side, as they were the only two survivors of the massacre.

Perhaps the next episode will bring more answers and stop rumours from spreading or perhaps end the suspense among fans of the series, but this requires quite a bit of patience for now.

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