What to Do if You Have a Slip and Fall Case

Although you may not frequent public places like you used to, you probably still visit stores on occasion to refill essential items. While you’re visiting, there’s a chance you could have an accident, and it may be due to negligence. In those cases, there’s no reason you should have to pay for your medical bills.

But how do you know who’s responsible? The truth is, laws vary by state, so you need someone who knows the law to help. Each year, millions of people slip and fall, but not all of them seek compensation — not because they shouldn’t, but because they don’t know they can.

What Is a Slip and Fall?

A slip and fall is a personal injury case you may be able to file if you slip, trip, or fall on someone else’s property because of their negligence. For example, you’re in the middle of winter, and it’s icy, but the grocery store you visit for your essentials doesn’t clear the walkway, causing you to fall and injure yourself. In that case, the store may be negligent, and you could have a case that will require them to pay your medical bills.

Since each scenario is different and the case relies on evidence of negligence, it’s best to seek legal advice. Boulder Legal Group recommends that you contact a bar-certified lawyer to see if you have a claim. If you do, it’s important to follow the proper steps to strengthen your case.

Document and Report the Incident

The burden of proof is on you in court, so the first thing you want to do after you slip and fall is to take pictures if you can. If your injury is too severe, skip to step two and seek medical treatment. But if you don’t need to head straight to the doctor, photograph the incident, note the conditions, and write down exactly what happened. 

Gather statements, names, and numbers from any witnesses on the scene and keep all the information with the pictures you take.

See a Doctor

Even if you don’t immediately feel the need to see a doctor, you should still seek medical treatment. Doing so starts the medical records process for your possible case and ensures that you get care for any injuries you may have. Keep in mind that sometimes injuries aren’t immediately apparent, so if you have any pain following your slip and fall, seek help and keep all documentation.

Make This Call Before Talking to Anyone

Before you speak to a property owner, police, or insurance company, you must call an attorney for advice. A legal team can tell you who to talk to and when, what to say, and what to document.

Letting too much time pass or talking to the wrong people might affect your slip and fall case, so it’s essential to get legal help to navigate your journey. After all, you don’t want to have extra medical bills from an incident that isn’t your fault.

Report Your Accident

Upon advice from your attorney, report your slip and fall to the property owner, if you know who that is. If you don’t know who owns the property, report your accident to the police, so you have documentation.

Keep all pictures, names, numbers, medical records, accounts, and documentation in one place, so when you need it for court, you have it all together.

Get the Help You Need

Slip and falls can happen anywhere and many happen through no fault of your own. Taking the right steps to cover any costs you have due to someone else’s negligence is the key to justice. You shouldn’t have to pay for an injury that isn’t your fault, and if you don’t have insurance, hospital stays and medical costs can put you in deep debt. 

So, no matter how minor your accident appears, always get legal assistance to see how to proceed because the law is ever-changing.


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