What VPN Should You Use For Your Mac In 2019

There’s only about a quarter of the year left until 2020, but there’s still plenty of time to make better decisions regarding your gadgets. Although there still are people who believe that the macOS is impossible to be hacked, you can never know all the evil schemes hackers can come up with.

A virtual private network (VPN) provides a safer way for enjoying securing browsing from anywhere, not only that it offers access to geo-restricted content. There are several options to choose from in buying a VPN app, and it’s nice to know as more as possible about each of them.

If you want quality, spend some money

Of course, everybody wants free of charge super quality, but you just can’t have them all in life. Don’t be one of those users who are only seeking for free apps, and be willing to pay a few dollars so that you get some quality in the product. Free VPN apps often use Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE), which is very unsafe.

PureVPN is the answer

PureVPN is considered by far one of the safest VPN providers out there, being voted on TrustPilot with 9.4/10 rating. The developers have the Headquarters in Hong Kong, and they have done a pretty good job with the app, since PureVPN has servers in 140 countries.

This VPN is also very secure when it comes to the payment methods: you can pay them by CryptoCurrency, Credit/Debit Cards, AliPay or by the good old Paypal. The company also offers up to 31 days full money-back guarantee if users found the service to be unsatisfactory.

Need even more features from a VPN? Well, PureVPN provides additional stuff like DDoS Protection, Dedicated IPs and Port Forwarding.

Let’s all hope that more people will understand the risks of cyber-attacks, since they’re happening at an alarming rate of each minute per computer and more than half of the world population nowadays owns a computer.

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