What’s in the box? The Motorola Razr!

Flip phones are back! Well… sort of, we’re not talking about traditional flip phones that had a tiny screen and physical keyboard, we’re talking about the new Motorola Razr, which stole the headlines of tech related publications over the past week. Motorola revolutionized the already revolutionary foldable phone: They made it fold… the other way, and it seems that everybody is keen on this decision. Motorola reinvented the hinge and the already extravagant package comes bundled with custom Android software. 

The box

The box of the foldable Razr phone is just as amazing as the device itself: Motorola went all the way through with it and ditched the conventional coffin-like packaging style of flagship smartphones from competitors: Their phone comes in an upright position with a transparent lid that shows the phone in all its splendor before getting to the unboxing part. The box looks a lot like a burr grinder for coffee. The upper part can be lifted up to reveal the device that sits in a unique jauntily angled holder. They chose to make it this way so that the bottom part of the box can be used as a stand for the phone. The stand features tiny holes for a speaker grill which amplifies the volume of any sound that is played by the phone.

What is in the box

Apart from the actual phone, users can find the following set of accessories:

-Razr wired earbuds (type C)

-An accesory case

-A high tech TurboPower wall charger

-A USB type C cable

-Headphone adapter (jack to USB-C)

-User manuals and instructions

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