WhatsApp 2.19.303 Beta Is Available To Download With Improvements

With over a billion active users, WhatsApp is the most popular chat app in the world. It is available for Android, iOS, Windows 10, and as a web-based version known as WhatsApp Web. Earlier, WhatsApp Beta 2.19.303 Beta launched with improvements and bug fixes.

WhatsApp sums up a lot of useful features

WhatsApp is a free-to-use instant messaging app, Facebook owns it, and it’s also the most popular application of its kind in the world. That is as such thanks to its many useful features. First, WhatsApp allows users to send messages instantly. Also, the app permits file transfers, including sharing images, videos, and documents.

Nonetheless, this chat app allows users to conduct voice and video calls, as well as to leave voice messages and offline messages. In addition, group chat is another popular feature of WhatsApp. Recently, WhatsApp introduced improved group chats privacy options, blacklist, more privacy-related features, and consecutive voice messages playback. They are also available in the new WhatsApp 2.19.303 Beta release.

WhatsApp only requires your phone number for you to join, so you won’t have to set up a username or password to use and access WhatsApp. Besides, no charges apply, except for those related to the mobile data that the app consumes. But that depends on your mobile plan and your carrier. Also, as long as you have an active Internet connection, your friends and family can reach you on WhatsApp.

What’s new in WhatsApp 2.19.303 Beta?

The latest WhatsApp 2.19.303 Beta comes with some under the hood changes. More specifically, the WhatsApp 2.19.303 Beta update brings performance and stability improvements, as well as bug fixes.

Remember that WhatsApp 2.19.303 is a Beta release, meaning that it might still have some stability issues. If you plan to use WhatsApp daily, as it would be a final version, then you should stick to your current release and wait for the next stable variant. Beta versions are only for testing purposes.

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