WhatsApp Beta v2.20.171 Available to Install – What New Features Have Been Added?

A recent report on the newest WhatsApp Android beta (v2.20.171) reveals a new QR code feature that allows users to share contact details with fellow users.

New Features

The new capability would work like any regular QR code, compressing contact details that can quickly be scanned by the camera of other phones.

A new icon was discovered within WhatsApp, and it depicts a screen with two tabs: My code and Scan code, depending on if you are displaying or scanning a code. The feature can be used to display a personal card that sums up your phone number and automatically adds it to your recipient’s contact list.

QR codes are already a standardized way of sharing information digitally and quickly.

WhatsApp might have chosen to implement that feature either to join the norm or to avoid having to hand someone your phone to type their number in. That method is arguably obsolete since there are many alternatives to it, but a surprising amount of users still choose to use it.

Other Features

The report revealed that you have the option of resetting your QR code, thus making any previously mass-shared link invalid, but it won’t remove you from the list of contacts of those who added your number via QR code.

That feature is handy in case your QR code was shared without your consent, and you don’t want dozens of people to randomly add your details to their phonebook.

At the moment, it’s not known if the feature will also be ported to iOS. The developers are usually careful and reasonable enough to bring the same functionality to both the iOS and Android versions of WhatsApp.

The update is expected to be massively released after it spends a few weeks in the beta.

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