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WhatsApp Gets Ready to Introduce a Great Upgrade: What to Expect

WhatsApp is full of surprises, now more than ever. We should expect multiple device support and more features soon to be added.

The praised messaging app could soon introduce support for multiple devices, according to a recent report. WABetaInfo, a well-known website that examines beta versions of WhatsApp, found quite the feature. Apparently, we’ll be allowed to use our WhatsApp accounts on 4 different devices simultaneously. 

WABetaInfo claims now the support finally reached the final phases of testing. Here is what you need to know.

The Upcoming WhatsApp Upgrade Will Be the Best

The introduction of multiple device support would let us access the same account of different devices simultaneously. The messages could also sync flawlessly across those devices in real-time, allowing us to continue our conversations even when we switch from the WhatsApp on mobile to the desktop app on our PCs, for instance.

Even if such a feature is present on some competing chat apps, multiple device support hasn’t been added to the official WhatsApp yet. WABetaInfo seems pretty sure the feature is now in the works and coming soon this year.

Furthermore, the website even published an alleged screenshot of the upcoming feature in action, displaying a chat history syncing from a mobile device. The screenshot also unveiled that the process of syncing messages is undoubtedly secured by end-to-end encryption. 

More Details

For multiple device support to work flawlessly, it appears we will have to assign something called “Linked Device” in a new settings page. So, the upcoming upgrade won’t come that easy, as expected. We’ll still get to make a few adjustments to work the way it was developed. 

That setting page is now available to beta testers, indicating that WhatsApp could push multiple device support in the next beta variant. Fingers crossed, and we should get this killer feature, too, in the coming months!



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