WhatsApp Messenger Receives 2.20.182 Beta Update

Messaging apps have become quite popular in recent years as they offer the ability to interact with friends, family, and coworkers in a more dynamic manner.

Popular and convenient

There are several messaging apps available, but WhatsApp is the undisputed champion, with more than 2  billion accounts and more than one billion active users each day. The popular app comes with a significant amount of features that make it a favorite among many users, and new ones are added via constant updates.

WhatsApp will use the power of your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to offer the ability to send messages and perform calls without the need to worry about additional fees. Users can download and use the app for free, and the activation process can be completed in a few seconds. Those who live in areas that are more isolated do not have to worry as WhatApp can work well even if only a 2G connection is available.

Lots of features

Perform free calls and talk for hours with friends who are on the other part of the globe in a seamless manner while enjoying a crystal-clear audio quality. There is no stress related to your voice plan, which means that you can talk for as long as you want.

Besides text messages, users can also send a variety of files to other people. Send a memorable picture, a funny short video, or an important document with a few taps. Have to rush somewhere but want to leave a quick message? The voice message feature has you covered, and several can be sent in succession.

Bring people together in group chats, and share the latest news, discuss important topics or plan meetings without problems.

Access the service from your PC with the help of WhatsApp and enjoy faster multitasking as you can answer messages without the need to use your smartphone.

Up to eight users can now participate in voice, and video group calls.

The latest update, 2.20.182 beta, comes with new performance improvements.

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