WhatsApp Might Add a Sync Feature Soon: What to Expect

News that WhatsApp could finally sync the chat history across multiple devices emerged recently. 

WhatsApp seems to be working already on enabling its messaging service to run across more than one device at once. A recent report from WABetaInfo claims such a thing and that we should expect it to arrive soon. Here is what you need to know.

WhatsApp’s New Sync Feature Details: When Will Arrive

While WhatsApp can be utilized as a web app, whereby it links to your smartphone account so you can message contacts from a PC, it depends on a phone number. With an update apparently under development, the service could soon allow users to use WhatsApp without connecting back to a smartphone. And it could also display the chat history to multiple devices. 

For quite a while now, WhatsApp users have been demanding for multiple service support. Now, if we swap smartphones, for instance, we can only use WhatsApp on the handset with our SIM card in it, which limits the scope of the service’s usefulness. 

However, it seems likely that WhatsApp has listened to our demands and is ready to introduce the multi-device support. And being able to copy the chat history to another device that’s not depending on a phone number means we will be able to have all our in-depth chats with contacts on more devices at once. 

Imagine this; your iPhone 11 runs out of battery right in the middle of a conversation. You can then take your iPad Pro and continue your chat rather than wait for your handset to charge. How nice would that be?

The sync feature is currently undergoing some testing and isn’t available to even the beta users of WhatsApp. However, given how useful such a feature promise to be, we should expect to be released in the coming months or next year. 

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