WhatsApp – Search By Date And Other Smart Features

WhatsApp developers are seemingly working on a set of new features that could be added to the app soon. One of those features is an enhanced search option that is capable of allowing users to search for messages from a specific date.

The New Features

According to the app’s developers, they are working on a redesigned Storage Usage section to display large and forwarded files.

Additionally, reports say that a new option that will let users delete all messages but starred ones will be seemingly added.

There will also be a ShareChat video integration mode, redesigned messaging bubbles for dark mode users, and the option to search images on the internet via the iPhone client.

Searching By Date

A report by WhatsApp features tracker WABetaInfo the app developers are still working on the search by date feature, which will allow WhatsApp users to search for messages from a particular date. The feature will be extremely useful thanks to its filtering capability.

Some screenshots from WABetaInfo depict a Calendar icon just above the on-screen keyboard when using the chat search feature. Tapping that icon will open the date picker, which will allow you to search by the messages’ date.

However, it looks like the new feature is only accessible for in-chat searches instead of the global search.

It hasn’t been released yet, as it’s still in the alpha stage.

Many new updates for WhatsApp are released via Over-The-Air (OTA) channels, which means that, in many cases, you only need to keep your smartphone connected to a stable wi-fi network will update WhatsApp automatically.

It’s recommended to keep WhatsApp up to date so that you don’t miss out on the new features that are added regularly. Stay tuned to learn more about the possible new features of WhatsApp.

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