WhatsApp Video Calls vs. Telegram – Which One Is Most Efficient?

WhatsApp video calls help users be closer to their acquaintances when they can’t be together physically. That came in extremely handy during the lockdown that started a few months ago.

However, sometimes the quality of WhatsApp video calls leaves a lot to be desired, with small bandwidth when there are several participants. Also, video calls can’t currently be carried on PC’s, which is a bit of a disadvantage if you need them to.

Telegram version 7.0 features video calls with crisp performance.

They are multiplatform so that users can make calls between computers, mobiles, and tablets, and the quality they provide is impressive.

The new animated emojis joined the function. It has the same base as regular Telegram voice calls, where the focus is on offering impressive quality with a very light impact on data consumption and the highest encryption.

The encryption is provided in a straightforward way – The call receiver must see the same emojis as we do on the screen, which shows that the data that reaches them hasn’t been altered in transit and no one is spying on them.


When we initiate a video call, the image looks very crisp.

A Telegram video call uses no more than 100 kB/s upload and download, whether it’s made from PC or smartphone.

Therefore, Telegram uses up to 200 kB/s worth of data.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, has a lower video quality with more compressed images but with higher data consumptions!

WhatsApp video calls require up to 140 kB/s download and 140 kB/s upload, usually about 130 kB/s.

Therefore, Telegram uses about 10.8 MB per minute, while WhatsApp uses nearly 15.6 MB per minute.

The choice is yours!

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