WhatsApp Will Introduce New Features Soon: Chats Muted Permanently, Multi-device Support and More

WhatsApp has introduced in the last few years a lot of new features to support users’ experiences. The features are also specially developed to help users communicate better during such a tough current period. 

The newest additions include up to 8 users in group video calls, QR code contacts sharing, cool animated stickers, and more. However, the most helpful feature so far is now on its way. Here is what you need to know.

WhatsApp is Getting Ready to Introduce Sleek New Feature: Mute Chats Permanently

Spotted by popular tipster WABetaInfo, the messaging app has started to develop a new “Always Mute” feature for chats. Such a feature will allow users to permanently mute all the annoying or irritating friends or group chats and distance themselves, too.

The current mute feature allows us to choose between three options, 8 hours, 1 week, and 1 year. An APK mod of the most recent WhatsApp beta hinted at another possibility, an “Always” mute chat, forever. So, users can choose such a setting and enjoy a new experience. 

Adding a new option to the mute feature would be great. It also seems like the perfect thing for users who prefer to mute most of the group chats (let’s face it, they are something so annoying you just can’t stand them) due to the permanent flood of messages. The 1-year option to mute a chat is just fine, and it works flawlessly, until one day when you’ll begin to be bombarded with messages from that once muted group. 

The “Always” option would also go great with the “Archive” option, so the muted chats don’t pop-up whenever you receive a new message. WABetaInfo also discovered that the work on “expiring messages” and “multi-device support” is also in the works. 

All of the mentioned above features are currently in development. The official WhatsApp doesn’t offer them yet, but we should expect news in the coming months. 

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