Why Apple Warns MacBook Users About Camera Covers

Apple sparked heated debates earlier in July after the company released a support document that advises users to take camera covers off their MacBooks before closing the lid. While some of the users appreciated the advice, others have reacted in a negative manner.

Before going forward, it is important to highlight the fact that the Cupertino giant isn’t against the use of a camera cover. The company merely underlined the fact that you shouldn’t close the lid of a MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro before the camera cover is removed.

The explanation

According to Apple, if the camera cover remains on the camera when the MacBook is closed, the display can be damaged since the clearance between the display and the keyboard has been designed with a very low tolerance in mind. Since the camera cover mingles with tolerance, users will apply more pressure to close the lid without realizing what they are doing.

Camera covers can also affect the way in which the ambient light the sensor works, and can lead to disruptions for several features, including the automatic brightness feature and True Tone.

Some interesting details

A popular technology news outlet has contacted an Apple repair technician who provided more information about the reasoning behind Apple’s advice. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, people have started to use camera covers at a considerably higher rate as privacy is valued by many users.

However, an interesting trend has been spotted as the number of requests for screen replacement has also increased considerably. Many broken screens shared a trait in the form of a glowing white line down to the middle of the display, which appears when a user used excessive force to close the lid while the camera cover was fitted on it.

Instead of using camera covers, it is easier to pay attention to the camera indicator screen, which glows green when it is active.

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