Why the Concept of Live Streaming is So Successful

Live streaming is a concept that has revolutionized so many digital industries in recent years, not least the video gaming sector. In fact, when it comes to video gaming, live streaming has helped usher in the new era of competitive video gaming, known as eSports. Expert or professional video gamers have taken to live streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube to showcase their talents and expertise to other budding gamers in a way like never before.

Live streaming isn’t exclusive to certain video gaming niches either; you name it there’s an online community ready and waiting to consume more real-time content on their favorite titles. From World of Warcraft to League of Legends, and FIFA to the most popular open-world games like GTA V, live-streamed video gaming is not just a chance for individuals to demonstrate their skills, it’s a chance for them to prove their potential as a presenter or pundit for a career in media.

The reasons that live streaming has prospered so much

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A chance for new gamers to get tips and strategies

What originally sparked the appetite for live-streamed video gaming content was the contingent of new gamers seeking guidance and advice with their own gameplay. As many Twitch accounts are managed by professional video gamers, with hundreds of hours of knowledge and expertise gleaned, they can offer insights and new ways of playing that casual gamers may never have considered otherwise. By watching the experts, viewers are being simultaneously educated and entertained.

Enjoy a sense of community spirit

The strength of platforms like Twitch is that they provide hubs for niche communities. Viewers know when to log on and watch their favorite streamers and catch them playing live, thus allowing them to share in the joy (or despair) of the streamer’s gaming. Sometimes viewers don’t have the time or the inclination to immerse themselves fully in their own gaming environments. Streaming other people’s environments caters perfectly for time-poor millennials and the Gen Z crowd.

Real-time human interaction

There is something to be said for live streaming’s ability to provide real-time human engagement between gamers and viewers alike. It’s something that on-demand video platforms simply cannot compete with. Live streaming provides a sense of personality and authenticity. It’s not scripted or staged; anything can happen. That’s what makes it so immersive for the millions of viewers that watch live-streamed video gaming content on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, and other portals. With gamers increasingly seeking immersivity in all aspects of the gaming industry, it’s no surprise to see sectors such as online casinos follow suit. With live table games streamed in real-time high-definition, managed by professionally trained dealers that can interact with the players at the ‘table’ via green screen, these titles had a whole new innovative layer to the online gambling experience.

Other industries benefitting from the live streaming ‘boom’

Live streaming platforms like Twitch are also beginning to experience a rise in users for its non-gaming categories too. It’s fast becoming an outlet for individuals with polarizing opinions and views, with talk shows and podcasts now increasingly popular. It’s also attracting more creative types, with musicians and performers using Twitch and other mediums to showcase their songs, voices, and talents.

In the world of sport, live streaming has made the biggest sporting events more accessible to wider audiences. Many sports channels now live stream English Premier League (EPL), NFL, and live cricket games to users with active accounts via their native apps. Meanwhile, the leading sportsbooks also have broadcast rights to live stream thousands of live sporting events to bettors with active betting accounts. Even the conferencing industry is benefitting from live streaming some of the biggest industry seminars to national and global audiences, helping to limit the carbon footprint of such events as professionals no longer need to travel directly to conference venues for knowledge sharing.

Live streaming is now the easiest way to build and grow an audience. Whether it’s building personal or professional brands, it’s a chance to build human connections from the comfort of your bedroom or armchair.

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