Why the Release Date for GTA 6 will Disappoint PS4 and Xbox One Players

Regardless of how a great open-world role-playing game GTA 5 is, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to gaming. The fans know this very well, and they’re craving to get their hands on some certain news for GTA 6. Fortunately, information travels faster than light these days, and the Internet is thriving with news about the next major installment of the Grand Theft Auto series.

News about how GTA 6 will and will not be are becoming as widespread as those regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s great to have so much information at our disposal, and now Rockstar insiders Tezfunz2 and Yan2295 are revealing that the game is under the early stages of testing.

No Cross-Generation Game

Take Two, the parent company of Rockstar, released its latest fiscal report recently, and this provides an outlook for their next financial year. Take Two discussed about the idea of major releases happening between April 2020 and March 2021. The comments seem to be downplaying hopes for any major T2 titles launching until April 2021.

This means that GTA 6 being a cross-generation title is pretty unlikely. If the game launches in 2021, the next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft (Xbox Series X and PlayStation 4) will be the only consoles that the game will be working on. This automatically means that PS4 and Xbox One won’t be running GTA 6. However, we’re still not sure that the long-awaited GTA title is among the plans of Take Two for the period between April 2020 and March 2021.

Unfortunately, Rockstar Games hasn’t issued any statement regarding GTA 6, but we can expect this to change pretty soon. The seven years wait since GTA 5 came out sounds like an eternity already. The fifth main installment from the Grand Theft Auto series became available in 2013 for consoles and in 2015 for PCs.

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