Will OnePlus 8 Pro Get a 120hz Refresh Rate?

When it comes to the superior camera setups and features, the entire battle is really about the high level of screen rate. Smartphones were good with 60Hz refresh rates for some time. Asus, the Taiwanese brand of smartphones, was the first one to leave and launch the Asus ROG Phone, with a screen of 90Hz refresh rate. This happened back in 2018, but people did not pay attention to it. But with the coming of OnePlus 7 Pro, with the 90Hz refresh rate, everyone started to pay attention – it was all in the ads. And this has started a trend, and almost every smartphone that was launched came with this feature.

Is there a possibility for 120Hz for OnePlus 8 Pro?

There’s a certain tweet that had us all curious. The person stated that he is an industrial leaker – it’s written right in his Twitter profile. But there is also a cryptic message – “Be a Pro” which was followed by “120” written in bold. From this, people started assuming that he knows something about a OnePlus 8 Pro that will come with a 120Hz screen refresh rate.  Apparently, the tweet has nothing to do with Samsung Galaxy S11. But there are many rumors out there about Samsung Galaxy S11 coming with a 90Hz screen refresh rate, some of them even with 120Hz. But there is no confirmation of these rumors.

What are some specs?

Leaks are everywhere on the internet. The phone will get a 6.65-inch display, and it will get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC processor. It has `12GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. It will get the Android 10 OS. The model is expected to get 5G.

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