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Will The Browser Game Industry Be Affected By The Death of Adobe Flash Player in 2020?

Adobe’s Flash is already dead on most websites, even if it still has support until the end of 2020. What does this mean for browser games that have been using Flash for years? Will this be the end of browser games?

R2 Games has a few words to say about this issue and we can rest assured, browser games are here to stay, even though Flash is gone.

Two Decades of Flash Games Lost?

All interactive games on browsers were born when Flash was launched in 1996. Since it was a cheap tool and easy to create animations and multimedia, the tool became a favorite for game developers.

Fast-forward 20 years later, Adobe announced they plan to end the outdated program at the end of 2020. However, browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari have already disabled Flash by default, so you will probably not even notice when Flash is gone after December 31, 2020.

But what about all those browser games that use Flash? Here is where one of the biggest online browser games platforms R2 Games steps in.

Switching to Html5 or Creating a Game Client

Most browser games that are being developed right now are coded by tech like Html 5 and Web GL.

There are different ways to keep browser games alive, and R2 Games is making sure its huge player base will continue to play all of its popular games.

For instance, Wartune and the League of Angel series will be moved on a downloadable mini-client from which you can access R2 Games’ other titles.

Dragon Awaken and Wartune are still Flash games but should transition to other tech this year. The Third Age was a Flash game and has recently made the move to Html5.

R2Games is planning not only to continue making content for the current titles, but also keeps launching H5 browser games. Recently, the publisher has released Robot Tactics Online and Survivor Legacy as H5 browser games. Both Eternal Fury and Survivor Legacy are Html5 games and will continue to be improved, optimized and updated to offer players a great gaming experience.

R2 Games will continue to release and improve its Free-to-Play browser video games, which are available to play all around the world.

Browser Games Are Here to Stay

The bottom line is that browser games are here to stay and to get even better than before.

That’s why games like the ones we’ve mentioned above will continue to survive and bring new content to its global player base. You can learn more about the titles from R2 Games on the publisher’s website.



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