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Windows 10 Build 19536 Comes With Installation Errors — How To Fix

The update of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19536 provides us with essential changes, new features, and quality fixes for Windows 10 users.

The new features involve a new Family group setup option and optional driver updates in the Windows Update section. Microsoft implemented new essential changes for Windows 10 Your Phone app.

Windows 10 Build 19536 – Installation Errors

Users who tried to install the Windows 10 Insider Preview 19536 failed on VMWare VMs.
The error is: “Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0xC1900101. Windows 10 Insider Preview 19536.1000 (rs_prerelease).”

Microsoft has not released an official statement regarding this issue, but some people believe it is due to VMware compatibility error. However, similar problems have been noted in the previous versions as well.

“This is only a VMware compatibility error, as has been encountered with a few prior Insider builds. Hyper-V VMs see SCSI drives without issue running build 19536. SCSI support is standard, so using SATA is just a temporary workaround until VMware & Microsoft sort things out,” explained a user on Microsoft Answers forum.

Although it looks like Microsoft has omitted the bug during the internal testing phase, here’s a trick that allows you to install the Windows 10 20H2 Build.

How to Fix

Microsoft has an open software testing program called Windows Insider that allows authorized users to register for pre-release builds of the operating system previously only accessible to software developers. In this case, it turned out to be very helpful, as some users have discovered the trick to installing the new software version by adding a SATA drive to the VMware VM.

Follow the steps below:

  • Stop your virtual machine.
  • Navigate to the left pane and click Edit virtual machine settings.
  • Click the Add button at the bottom of the Virtual Machine Settings page.
  • A new window Add Hardware Wizard will open on your screen.
  • Select New Hard Disk > SATA and click on Use an existing virtual machine.
  • Now browse your .vmdk file and click the Finish button.

After completing all six steps, you can proceed to install the Windows Build 19536 without any errors. Let’s hope that Microsoft will take this issue in hand and, in the next weeks, will release a bug-free version. Until then, big thanks to the clever Windows Insiders.



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