Windows 10 Start Menu Might Get A Redesign With A Future Update

Microsoft is planning to upgrade the Windows interface. It’s about time, I would say, and probably other Windows users are agreeing with me. Windows has very iconic parts that, starting with the upcoming version, will change. Microsoft already revealed the next-gen Start Menu during the Windows Insiders webcast.

We were already used to Microsoft not bringing significant new updates for its Windows UI of the OS versions; however, this is about to change. Microsoft decided to make some changes to the Windows operating system, and we are here to share them with you.

Windows 10 was released on July 29, 2015, and has been with us for five years. It will probably remain with us for the next few years, but at least it upcoming updates will feature more modern changes such as its new batch of app icons. Microsoft has just recently started doing that, and it looks like t wants to take a step further into renewing the Start Menu.

Windows 10 Start Menu Redesign

The Start Menu of the Windows 10 operating system will be revamped. The Microsoft team has stated that the Start Menu will be more chaotic and uniform, which is a significant change compared to what we have now. This is a change from the Live Tiles, which have been around ever since Windows Phone 7. Although Windows 10 still features Live Tiles, you can choose to disable it if you want to. However, the UI might seem a bit off without them enabled.

The new Star Menu concept is to make the icons pop. The difference is that the large colored squares are no longer there. Instead of colored squares, there will be translucent squares as well as rectangles with icons inside. The good thing about this change is the light and dark mode feature, which is a handy design for most of us. It will be very similar to the Windows 10X start menu for dual-screen devices, so check it out if you are curious.

Although Microsoft has taken the initiative to make some changes to the Windows UI, it might take a while until the plan takes shape and actually be part of the operating system. As for the Live Tiles, well, they will more than likely no longer be part of Windows at all by the look of things.

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