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Windows 10 Tips – How To Remove Duplicate Files

Are you unsatisfied with your PC’s performance? Sluggish performance might be the result of duplicate files using too much storage, affecting the performance of your device.

In many cases, devices end up running slow and taking ages to load a basic app or perform a simple task.

Thankfully, we are here to show you how to remove duplicate files from Windows 10!

Removing The Files

It is challenging to spot duplicate files manually. That process would be excessively time consuming, and sometimes, even if you manage to find duplicate files, you can’t delete them because they are used somewhere at the back.

Manually cleaning your PC can take up to a whole day, depending on the number of duplicate files on your storage drive.


Duplication was a problem in almost every version of Microsoft Windows. Therefore, software developers made a few apps that help clean up duplicate files efficiently.

CCleaner is one of the best apps for keeping the performance of your Windows 10 machine up to standard. It is usually included in the Windows 10 package, but it can also be downloaded separately if not included.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro is a purpose-build duplicate file identifier and remover without any additional optimization capabilities. It’s only free for trial, and a full version must be purchased.

Duplicate File Finder is a powerful tool that can find duplicate files quickly and assures that they are duplicates instead of original data. Once identified, you can give the app the green light to remove duplicate files. The best advantage of Duplicate File Finder over rival apps is the fact that it is entirely free. It grants users full control to pick what they want to delete.

It is one of the better options available on the internet at the moment.



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