Windows 10 Will Finally Allow Users To Uninstall Bloatware

Each time we analyze a laptop or PC, as well as a mobile device, we also check which applications are pre-installed on the device. This kind of “software” can give us an idea about the external applications that occupy hard disk space. It is known as bloatware.

If you don’t want any programs or apps on your computer after you buy it, there’s a guide that can help you uninstall all unwanted apps, but also, there are some apps that you can’t erase, no matter how hard you’ll try.

Although this kind of pre-installed programs that can’t be erased were like a legacy for Windows, now, they have thought that giving customers the option of choosing which app to be on their device, will be more appropriate, and they can do that via the Optional Features control panel in Windows 10 Insider Build 19551.

Windows 10 Will Finally Allow Users To Uninstall Bloatware

Older devices had pre-installed programs like WordPad, Paint, and Notepad, and those apps will still be installed by default but can’t uninstall them using the “Settings” button. After the updates to the Optional Features list in Windows 2004 will arrive, you will be able to uninstall those apps. By doing this, Microsoft allows us to choose between legacy and future, and I’m saying this because those three apps alone have no less than 35 years old.

Because of the low usage of Paint and Notepad, users choose to use other apps instead. Paint 3D and Word online, like Google Docs, are more likely useful. I think that this change will be an improvement and it could help us get in line with new technology.

Also, changing can take some time, and I know that it will be very hard, especially for middle-aged users that are used with those apps. Still, we have to be able to adapt in situations like this because technology will be in full evolution, and this is only a small step into the journey.

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