Windows Update Not Working: What Should You Do When Update Gets Stuck

Yes, it’s hard to imagine our lives without Windows since it gives life to our computers. With the first version being released over three decades ago, Windows has evolved tremendously since then, and it keeps doing so. It’s most likely that we won’t get a Windows 11, and Microsoft will choose instead to offer regular updates for the most recent Windows 10.

But what can we do when there’s a new update available, but it simply doesn’t want to install? What is the solution for those highly annoying moments when your update progress gets stuck? Instead of pulling your hair out, we have some other propositions.

  1. Find the Windows Update Service and stop it.
  2. Go the C:\ hard disk and open the “Windows” folder. Then, search for “SoftwareDistribution”. Here, all the previous content from the folder should be gone.
  3. Find the “Windows Update Service” option again, right-click on it and select “Start”.

That’s all, easy as you say ‘Windows’. Your next operating system updates should now be able to run as normal as they can. If you still experience issues, the good old method of restarting your PC can also solve the situation.

Still not upgrading?

Surprisingly enough, although the good old Windows 7 is officially dead since January, there are still plenty of people that are clinging to it. Microsoft is strongly encouraging everybody to upgrade to Windows 10 since Windows 7 isn’t receiving updates and technical support anymore. Being a Windows 7 user in this era when internet thieves are thriving is very dangerous, Microsoft’s advice is very good. However, a strong antivirus program should still be able of making Windows 7 users to get rid of most of the cyber threats.

Regardless of what version of Windows you’re using, this article can be very useful for all of them.

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