With GTA V As a Best-Seller, There’s No Need To Rush GTA 6

Released more than seven years ago for the Xbox 360 and PS3, GTA V was an instant hit, attracting millions of gamers to the latest saga told by the creative minds of Rockstar Games. The success of the game prompted the developer to release enhanced ports for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, securing millions of additional sales and earning an impressive amount of cash.

Even today, GTA V will surface from time to time on the list of weekly best-selling games, as new content patches for GTA Online and season discounts continue to attract gamers.

A massive juggernaut

With more than 100 million copies sold across all platforms, it is easy to call GTA V a worldwide phenomenon, as the title managed to introduce new changes that led to great long-time improvements for the open-world video games genre.

Since the game is so popular and continues to earn a sizable revenue from sales and GTA Online micro-transactions, some fans worry that a long time will pass until GTA 6 will be released as Rockstar and parent company Take-Two interactive don’t want to lose a steady cash flow.

Shrouded in mystery

Straus Zelnick, Take-Two CEO, received a few questions related to the future of the GTA series at a recent investors conference. He refused to offer any details about an upcoming GTA game but argued that the company had faced similar situations in the past, offering the example of NBA 2K Online.

NBA 2K Online was released in China, and it was based on an older version of the NBA 2K engine. At one point, it was deemed that the game needed a massive overhaul, and the company decided to release NBA 2K Online 2. Despite some initial worries, the new game was popular while the older one continued to enjoy loyal fans, so both games are available. This anecdote may infer that a new GTA game could be released when Take-Two decides that the time is right.

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