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World Of Warcraft Players Worry About An Upcoming Expansion Feature

It’s been more than fifteen years since World of Warcraft was unleashed upon the world, attracting millions of fans and a massive community that remains interested in the game after so many years. A new expansion will be released soon, and some players worry about a core feature.

Shadowlands will transport players into another dimension where they will run into many of the characters that have been featured in the game throughout the years. The Covenant mechanic is one of the most interesting features, allowing players to make a personal choice that can alter the way in which their character plays and feels.

Making the choice

Once the new level 60 cap is reached, players will be able to join one of four covenants: Venthyr,Necrolords, Night Fae, or Kyrian. Each covenant comes with its own aesthetic features and favors different gameplay styles.

By the time the players will need to make a choice, they should have spent a sizable amount of time in the signature zone of each covenant, getting a taste of the powers that will be available and learning more about each organization and their leader.

A matter of balance

Despite the good reception received by the new mechanic, some players worry that Blizzard will struggle to balance the covenants, especially since each one offers three different skill trilles that grant individual buffs and can be socketed with gems to unlock even more boons.

It is likely that players who seek the ultimate performance in PvE or PvP content will optimize their choices to enjoy the largest bonuses which matter for them. However, many will also enjoy the opportunity to play with a robust and complex choice system that will finally offer diverse options and the ability to create hybrid builds.

Shadowlands will enjoy a lengthy beta, and it is likely that Blizzard will take player suggestions into account before the system is finalized.




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