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Xbox Scarlett Represents Two Consoles — Lockhart And Anaconda

It seems that Xbox Scarlett will not be only one console, but two: the one with the codename Anaconda, and the one with the codename Lockhart. Both will come with powerful boxes, and however, Anaconda, according to its specs, it’s going to be a huge deal.

Windows Central stated that we got the info from multiple sources from the Redmond company. The report says what another report suggested, made by video game blog Kotaku, which was actually the first one to talk about the existence of Lockhart.

Xbox Scarlett Lockhart

Project Lockhart is the successor of the Xbox One S, the All-Digital Edition. Lockhart will be a console with no disc drive, and will also come with an internal solid-state drive. The CPU will be powerful enough to play the next-gen games, which are made for Xbox Scarlett.

As per some sources, Lockhart will get an 8-core processor, working at 3.5GHz, and producing about four teraflops of processing power. This is definitely more than double the Xbox One S’ 1.4 teraflops. The publication also stated that even if Lockhart may not reach the expectations when it comes to the performance, it has many other features, which makes it earn the “next-gen” title, and which puts it above the current X model. It even has ray-tracing capabilities.

Xbox Scarlett Anaconda

Anaconda has 12 teraflops and an 8-core CPU, which runs at a higher speed than Lockhart. The blog does not say that it will just double the Xbox One X’s CPU.

But that it will also perform five times better, and it’s all thanks to the improvements done to caching, the new silicon architecture, and the proprietary optimizations. There’s a total of 16GB of RAM, and three are made for the OS – the rest is all for games.

Xbox Scarlett Release Date

According to official information, Xbox Scarlett Lockhart and Xbox Scarlett Anaconda would launch somewhen during the holiday season of 2020.



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