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Xbox Series S May Have Been Confirmed By New Leak

The current generations of consoles saw the launch of standard models at first, which were then accompanied by the release of empowered models after a few years. The strategy seems to different this time around as both Sony and Microsoft seem to have decided to offer both standard and more affordable versions at launch.

Sony has already showcased the PS5 All Digital Edition, which doesn’t come with a disc tray as the major trade-off for a lower price. Early signs have also inferred that Microsoft is working on a more affordable console in the form of the Xbox Series S.

Early clues

The first leaks related to the possible existence of Xbox Series S were observed in June when Game Development Kit SDK notes mentioned the existence of specific profiles for Xbox Lockhart, which is the codename for Xbox Series S.

At that point in time, the theory was reinforced by the fact that Project Scarlett, as the new generation of Xbox consoles, was called internally, was tied to two potential consoles in the form of Xbox Lockhart and Xbox Anaconda.

More information

According to a popular news outlet, the latest GDK update for  Xbox Developers mentions Xbox Lockhart directly, noting how the enhanced profile mode will allows developers to test video games and ensure that they work as expected on the device, which will have lower system specifications.

A new leak which was shared on on the official Xbox One section on Reddit showcased what seems to be packaging for the new Xbox Series controller, and which noted that the accessory is compatible with Xbox Series X and S. The post has been removed by a moderator, but the comments remain accessible for now.

The Xbox Series S is shaping up to be a great choice for gamers who aren’t interested in a 4K experience, and it will be complemented by xCloud upon release.



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