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Xbox Series X Confirmed – Microsoft’s Next-Gen Console Will Arrive In Late 2020

A major announcement took place during the 2019 Game Awards as Microsoft has revealed the Xbox Series X as the next-generation console that was known in the past as Project Scarlett.

According to a high-ranking Microsoft employee, the console will be released during the holiday season in 2020. Prospective buyers will be happy to know that the system will be the most powerful console released by the company. Microsoft has stated that the device will bring a new standard for speed, performance, and compatibility, allowing users to enjoy thousands of games.

The design of the device is quite interesting, as it looks like a smaller PC. This is intentional, and Microsoft assures that it can be placed in a vertical or horizontal position without any problems.
It is important to note that performance was a key objective for the Redmond company, and it seems that the aim is quite high. A custom-made AMD CPU based on the advanced RDNA architecture will be paired with a custom GPU based on the Navi architecture.

Xbox Series X Specs

The setup promises an impressive performance, as it should offer support for 8K, 4K@60FPS, and a selection of new features, including ray-tracing. Microsoft has also stated that the console will include an SSD that minimizes loading times and boosts the overall experience.

A new peripheral was also revealed in the form of the new Xbox Wireless Controller. The shape and design of the accessory have been engineered to be more comfortable for a larger number of users. It also sports a dedicated Share button, which facilitates the creation of screenshots and movie clips. Fans of the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller will recognize the advanced d-pad layout.

The controller would be compatible with Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs. Xbox Series X will also harness the potential of cloud gaming with the help of built-in support for an immersive experience. It remains to be seen if the console will be popular in the long run as Sony is also working on the PS5.



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