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Xbox Series X Owners Will Be Able To Purchase Third-Party External Storage Cards


As the potential release dates for the next generation of consoles continue to approach, some third-party manufacturers are already hard at work on a variety of accessories that will be able to complement future devices, with the most important one being a storage solution.

The Xbox Series X will make use of a novel type of storage expansion that will offer a faster performance while also being easy to swap, in comparison to the internal and external drives used by the PS4 and Xbox One.

The first announcement

Seagate is the first company that has announced external storage cards for the Xbox Series X, although it is not clear if the company will be the sole manufacturer for the accessory or merely the fastest one of the potential storage providers.

Microsoft has underlined the fact that the next generation of consoles will come with faster load times, and it seems that Seagate has been hard at work. The external storage expansion card announced by Seagate comes with a custom PCIe Gen4x2 NVMe SSD, with the NVMe standard being the fastest one available on the market at this point.

Faster storage and bigger games

A major potential issue is the amount of available storage space. While one TB seems to be the new standard, many modern video games have become quite large, with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reboot going beyond 200GB, although poor optimization may be a notable culprit.

It is worth noting that the Xbox Series X will be able to run games from external hard drivers, including backward-compatible ones, as long as they aren’t optimized for the Xbox Series X. This is a great boon for people who prefer older games or already have external hard drives.

Other companies could announce external storage cards in the following months.



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