Xbox Series X vs. Xbox One X: What Choice Should You Make?

Should you actually get Xbox Series X? We know that the most powerful one right now on the market is Xbox One X. the next-gen update of the Xbox One is the best console out there when it comes to computing chops. It was made for the console players who want the best when it comes to specs. It comes with native 4K and HDR support. However, the following Xbox Series X will be released this year, and it comes with more amazing things.

Here is all we know so far about these two consoles.

When it comes to price

Microsoft and Sony are both coy, and they do have a good reason for it. The PS5 price and the Xbox Series X came out the first on Twitter, and it was the most important thing for those who wanted the next-gen console. They do not want to repeat the same mistakes, with a $599 PS3 and a $499 Xbox One. People started to speculate, and they believe that the new Xbox will be around $499. We are not sure now how much these consoles will be, but we are waiting for an official statement.

When it comes to specs

For the Xbox series: the GPU would be of 12 teraflops, and the CPU would be custom-designed. The AMD Navi/Zen 2. The frame rate would be of 120 fps, and the RAM of GDDR6. The resolution would go up to 8K, and the storage would be SSD.

For Xbox One X: the GPU would be of six teraflops 1172 MHz, and the CPU would be eight-core 2.3GHz. The AMD also custom.The RAM of 12GB GDDR5. The resolution would go up to 4K, and the storage would be 1TB HDD.

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