Xbox Series X’s External Storage Unveiled: What We Should Expect

xbox external storage

The Xbox Series X is said to arrive with a 1TB expansion card available from Seagate. 

The popular hard drive manufacturer announced its Storage Expansion Card for the next-gen console, making it the first third-party developer with advanced next-gen storage options. Here is everything you need to know.

Xbox Series X Expansion Card Details and Other Specs

We don’t know much about Seagate’s next SSD yet, but we know that it will have a sleek design and that it’ll be speedy and developed only for the Xbox Series X.

The details are available on Seagate’s website, which now has a dedicated webpage for the Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X. No price tags yet, but there are some images of the device and information about its storage capacity, 1TB, and its launch date, the 2020 holidays. 

The Expansion Card isn’t a standard one or a boxy external hard drive. It’s more like a little card that looks like a thinner and flattened thumb drive. According to Seagate, it will plug into a proprietary port on the back of the Xbox Series X and run as fast as the Xbox Series X’s internal hard drive. 

There are not many technical details available on the SSD yet, but we know that the Expansion Card will provide 1TB storage space, a three-year warranty, and a custom PCIe Gen4x2 NVMe flash memory protocol. Seagate teamed up with Microsoft to develop the Expansion Card, so there should be no compatibility question. Also, the performance should be similar to Microsoft’s SSD.

The only possible downside we can think of is the 1TB file size. It’s not unusual for new console games to top 50 or even 100GB. The Xbox Series X’s internal SSD will offer 1TB of storage space, which might be enough for just 10 games. But a 2TB or 4TB expansion card could support more games rather than just another 10. Maybe the enhanced compression will make 1TB internal space, and 1TB external space enough. 

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