Xender’s Most Used Features: How to Improve Your Xender Experience

Xender is an app that allows users to transfer all important files between two smartphones. From JPEG, GIF, PNG, to any other format, the process is straightforward and efficient. 

To better understand how transfers occur between two devices and how Xender works, it is better to find out which are the most used features. You can also improve your Xender experience efficiently. Here is what you should know. 

Improve Your Xender Experience With These Features

Xender is a free multiplatform that is compatible with all platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices. Xender has proved to work best with:

  • High Transmission Speed: the transmission speed between the smartphone and the computer is high compared to the transfer of files via a Bluetooth connection or a LAN one – the transmission speed is approximately 300 times faster than the Bluetooth connection;
  • Multiple Sizes and Formats: the process supports many sizes and formats of files that must exchange between the two specified devices – from images, documents, files, videos, software apps, and other files (it also contains the .exe and .msi file types);
  • Backups: the app allows you to back up, view, change, or delete any files.

Other Significant Features

  • Clean user interface: the app has a fresh and clean interface so that you can easily use the app;
  • No network: no Internet connection is needed to transfer the files between two devices;
  • Friendly design: Xender has an impressive and striking design;
  • Interactive management: the interactive control of all files between various technological devices is useful and convenient;
  • No replacement issues: you can easily transfer all important data, like photos, contacts, messages, and video games from one device to another;
  • Anyone can use and manage the app to make the file exchange quickly;
  • Fast and verified file transfer speed with the most accurate processing method. 

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