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Xiaomi RUmored to Develop a New Smartphone With a 144MP Camera Sensor

News about Xiaomi’s new plans has emerged. It is believed that the company has under development a new series of devices. From accessories, smartphones, to some wearables, and more from Redmi and Mi series.

Unfortunately, the release date of these new devices has been delayed in some countries. Xiaomi got affected, too, by the current pandemic crisis. Even sales of Redmi 9 Pro Max in India, for example, has been delayed due to the same reason. However, according to some reports, Xiaomi continues to work on innovative products, including a mystery smartphone with a massive 144MP camera sensor.

Xiaomi’s Upcoming Smartphone Series Might Arrive With 144MP Camera

Sudhanshu, a well-known tipster, detailed that Xiaomi has under development a device with a 144MP camera sensor. He also discussed all the possibilities such an installment would bring. For example, the upcoming smartphone could be either Mi CC10 Pro or Mi 10S Pro. Reports about such a device aren’t surprising. Xiaomi is known for its devotion to working hard on camera enhancements.

The company was the first smartphone manufacturers to release devices equipped with advanced camera sensors. Back in the day, we witnessed smartphone releases such as the Redmi Note 7 Pro with a 48MP camera sensor, and the Redmi Note 8 Pro equipped with a 64MP sensor. Last year, the company also unveiled the Mi CC9 Pro sporting a sleek 108MP sensor.

Moreover, Xiaomi was the first manufacturer to release a device with the 108MP sensor. Getting so much praise, the company stated that its work on developing enhanced cameras is continuous. A 144MP camera sensor on an upcoming Xiaomi smartphone could arrive soon this year. Until now, Samsung was the only one rumored to introduce a 144MP camera sensor. Time will only tell which manufacturer will get the improvement first.



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