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Xiaomi’s MIUI Features Back Tap Gestures Like Google And Apple Flagships!

Google is reportedly working on an impressive double-tap gesture for the rear side of their phones.

If users double-tap the back of a device, they can launch specific apps or make the phone do particular actions.

Implementing The Feature

The code for the feature was further developed for other features, like taking screenshots and opening recent apps. While Google was spotted working on the function first, Apple was the first to implement it – in iOS 14.

iOS users can now double and triple tap on the rear side of their devices to perform various actions.

It appears that Xiaomi is working on a similar feature, according to the code that was extracted from MIUI 12.

The Discovery

XDA Senior member and reliable tipster kacskrz has noticed the code within the latest MIUI beta builds that implies Xiaomi plans to implement the feature for some devices.

The taps will work similarly to what Apple offers – Double or Triple Taps.

The tipster’s discovery shows that the feature is in active development. They also managed to display the new feature’s settings, but they aren’t available on his Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 yet.

The purpose of the back panel double tap and triple tap gestures in the current build of Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 appears to be limited to taking screenshots, turning on the flashlights, opening the control center, launching the camera app, or opening the notification shade.

However, it’s not yet known when Xiaomi will release the feature for everybody.

We hope to see it introduced quicker because it sounds interesting and might prove extremely useful for many users. It’s impressive to see developers race against each other to develop new, attractive features for various devices.



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