You Can Now Play Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was released on April 10, 2020. The fans of the action role-playing game were very excited and had been expecting it for quite some time. However, now that the long-awaited game is available, it took the fans by surprise to see that Red XIII is not a playable character.

In the original Final Fantasy 7 gameplay, this character was playable, so fans were expecting the same from the remake. But, it looks like you can play Red XIII in the new video game through save editing.

The key character of the original game shows up in Chapter 17 in the game remake. The powerful red beast that looks like a combination between a wolf and a lion appears in the video game as a guest character. That means that you can’t control him, but he is there.

Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

According to Luciano Ciccariello, a software engineer, you can now play this character. The game hacker has made changes to his Kingdom Hearts save editor so that it works with the latest version of the game. Although this save editor is not that stable yet, you can still enjoy a nice fight as Red XIII. However, the character’s moves are limited, and no other changes are available yet. The only thing you can control is its attack moves, dodge, and block some of the incoming attacks.

The sad thing is that the character won’t be available to play with for too long; however, once the PC version of the game comes out, that could change. Modders will have more room to make changes after the PC version is released. That means that there is a possibility to enjoy the Red XIII character more than at the moment. If not, then we will have to wait for another Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Our precious game hacker goes by the name Xeeynamo and fans did not waste time in trying out his work. You can use the Kingdom Save Editor to do other things in the game, such as teleporting, for example. You can also discover the Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s secrets if you are lucky enough, so give it a try if you are curious.

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