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YouTube will meet a “union” of youtubers

YouTube has agreed to sit down and talk with an organization that claims better treatment for people who post videos on its platform, but says it does not want to negotiate about its claims.

Founded almost a year ago, FairTube – a collaboration between YouTubers Union and one of the largest European unions, IG Metall – submitted a list of claims to the Google subsidiary at the end of July.

The organization calls for, among other things, more transparency in terms of moderation, a better marketability of small channels, the implementation of a new system of payment of advertising revenues and the end of the Google Preferred program, which Enables advertisers to automatically target the best performing videos

FairTube is not a union, but the founding organization, YouTubers Union, has more than 23,000 creators in a Facebook group. It is his association with the IG Metall union that has captured the attention of YouTube and lead to the meeting scheduled soon.

Even if the Google subsidiary says it has made it clear [that] it will not negotiate , its opening to discuss is seen as a victory for the founder and spokesman of YouTubers Union, Jörg Sprave.

“We did not ask them to bow to our demands, but only to start talks,” Spave said in an interview with CNET. “That’s what they did, so our campaign satisfies us so far. Of course we have a lot of work ahead of us.”

Specifically, YouTube has expressed interest in the success and satisfaction of creators on YouTube and its willingness to discuss the future of the work on the platform with FairTube.

A specific date for the meeting has not been announced yet.



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