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Zoom Best Paid and Free Alternatives

Not everyone prefers Zoom, and that’s just fine. There are plenty of Zoom alternatives, paid or free, that can also offer excellent video calling and conferencing features. 

If you can’t or don’t want to use Zoom because you have some privacy concerns or just want to try something more different, here are some of the best alternatives. 

Facebook Messenger Rooms: Free Alternative

Facebook Messenger Rooms allows you to create private or public video chatrooms that can hold 50 people. The best part is that such a feature is for an unlimited amount of time. 

You can also send a link and invite people without account to join a Messenger Room. Participants can use filters and other sleek stickers. Room calls, however, are not end-to-end encrypted, but Facebook states that it won’t listen in on any calls. Room creators can always remove participants whenever they want. 

Zoho Meeting: Paid Alternative

Zoho Meeting is an open-source video conferencing service that lets you make end-to-end-encrypted video calls and meetings for up to 100 people. And the participants don’t have to sign-up for a login. They can easily access your meetings via a link or a dial-in via browsers, mobile apps, or desktop clients. 

Zoho Meeting is an excellent alternative to Zoom, one that you have to pay for it. The pricing starts at $8/month. 

Google Meet: Free and Paid Alternative

Google Meet is the best Zoom alternative. The app allows you to hold video calls with up to 250 participants, record meetings and save them to Drive, and hold presentations. You can also choose to send a meeting link to people outside of your company. 

Google Meet is integrated with Gmail, which is good news. You can initiate a video call right from the left column of your email browser window. 

Google has some big further plans to upgrade Meet, even to add custom backgrounds (Zoom’s popular feature) for its education customers. 



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