iPhone 12 Range: The Hottest Rumors

Many wild rumors tend to surface in the last weeks before a new product will be revealed, with some being more substantial, while others only seek to draw attention without having any conclusive proof.

Since Apple is renowned for its secrecy, many rumors and leaks associated with devices made by the company fail to materialize when the official announcement is made, but a few can be quite accurate, proving that the source managed to gain access to real information.

Revamped looks

While the iPhone 11 range looks good, it is thought that the new iPhones will come with a revamped design, the first major change since the iPhone X was introduced in 2017. The exact changes remain elusive for now.

More models

Recent rumors suggest that 4 iPhone 12 models will be released: one with a 5.4-inch panel, two with a 6.1-inch panel and one with a 6.7-inch panel. The four devices will sport OLED panels, and in the case of the more expensive models, a 120Hz refresh rate feature could be present.


All the iPhone 12 models should offer support for 5G as Apple decided to wait a year before bringing the lighting-fast standard to its flagship devices. However, it is not clear if the mmWave support will be present on all the models, with some arguing that it will be limited to the Pro versions.

No accessories

Several sources claim that the new iPhones won’t come with a power adapter or headphones in the box, forcing new users to purchase these accessories separately, which might quite annoying for some potential customers. However, the move will save money for Apple in the long run while also promoting the sale of AirPods and chargers.

Delayed shipping

Due to issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the more expensive versions could be available at a later date.

Only time will show which of these rumors are true.

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