TLC’s New Concept Brings to Light A Phone-Tablet Devices With Flexible Screen

Foldable device is part of the next generation of technology. When we had the first look at a clamshell phone, we were astonished. Are you wondering what else the phone technology could bring on the market? Do you think they will stop at the foldable design?

Cleary not, and here’s why. This new TCL phone concept will leave your mouth hanging: A phone that can turn into a table by using a flexible screen. Forgot to mention that the phone will actually have a phone’s size and expend into a tablet size device. Is this even possible?

This leak was shared with the world by Jessica Delacourt, a CNET staff. This new device concept has an actual extendable screen, and although we don’t know how exactly it will work, Delacourt is sharing her opinion with us. She thinks that “the phone has one continuous flexible display and that the panel essentially unwraps when you pull out the screen using the phone’s sliding mechanism.”

TLC’s flexible screen

We don’t know for sure how the screen of the phone will unfold, but it could be from the left side of the device. It could also be that the device will feature two displays instead of one. Two phone screens folded on top of the other could make a tablet, right?

However, this also means that the TLC phone will have a robust thick size. The benefits look very appealing. Having a smartphone and a tablet in one device is undoubtedly very convenient.

This TCL’s new concept was supposed to be presented at the Mobile World Congress, which unfortunately was canceled due to the threat of the coronavirus. We are sure that TLC will feed our curiosity soon enough regarding this mind-blowing concept and how in the world it will work. They are probably preparing using instructions just as we are ending this article.

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