WhatsApp Web Update: What’s New and How To Use It?

WhatsApp Web is the web-based version of the popular messenger app that many of us are using daily.

WhatsApp Web is an extension to the smartphone app as it displays all the messages you receive on your smartphone in real-time, fully synchronized.

You can send messages from your computer just like you would do on your smartphone. The message will then be automatically sent to your recipient.

You don’t need a new account to use WhatsApp web since it isn’t a different service. It’s just a port of the mobile app.

It’s undoubtedly more comfortable to type long messages with a computer keyboard instead of a smartphone’s on-screen keyboard.

It’s also useful for saving battery life since you won’t need to keep your phone unlocked or keep its display on.

How To Use WhatsApp Web

First, open a browser of choice and navigate to web.whatsapp.com. A QR code that you will have to scan can now be seen.

Open WhatsApp on your smartphone. Tap the settings button and then tap on WhatsApp Web / Desktop.

A new menu will be displayed. Tap on the plus icon. Your camera will be displayed now. Scan the QR code from your desktop with the newly-opened scanner. After the scanner recognizes the QR code, you are all set. Your messages and the chat window will be displayed on your computer screen.

If you ever want to logout from WhatsApp web, you can do it from the computer directly.

However, if you forgot to log out from a specific computer, you can log out of your phone. Just open WhatsApp, tap the settings icon, tap WhatsApp Web / Desktop and then tap on log out all sessions.

That will disconnect your account from all of the computers it is linked to.

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